Patriarch : Robert MILLER and descendents

Generation 1

Robert MILLER was born about 1808 in SC, and died 06 Nov 1894 in Escambia County, AL. He married Cherry Ann FLOYD, the daughter of Thomas FLOYD and Mary LEWIS-McGOWIN. Cherry Ann FLOYD was born 15 Feb 1818 in Decatur, GA, and died 18 Dec 1881 in Escambia County, AL. An unverified family note states Cherry Ann FLOYD was a stepchild. Could she possibly have been the daughter of Mary LEWIS-McGOWIN-FLOYD's marriage to James McGOWIN? Both Robert MILLER and Cherry Ann FLOYD were buried in the Old Foshee Cemetery, Mason, Escambia County, AL. 

                    Children of Robert MILLER and Cherry Ann FLOYD are: (Generation 2)
                              i. Frances MILLER, b. Abt. 1840.
                              ii. Mary MILLER, b. Abt. 1840; d. Unknown.
                              iii. Thomas Richard MILLER, b. 07 Apr 1843, Brooklyn; Dixie, Conecuh County, AL; d. 23 May 1914, Atlanta, GA.

Generation 2

Frances MILLER was born about 1840. She married John CLEMENTS, the son of Josiah CLEMENTS and Mary Elizabeth MAY about 1860 in Escambia County, AL,. John CLEMENTS was born about 1831. His death date is currently unknown. John CLEMENTS and Frances MILLER lived in Escambia County, Alabama. During the Civil War, John served in the Confederate Army. His brother Henry served also, and they were possibly in the same unit.

                    Children of Frances MILLER and John CLEMENTS are:
                              i. Mary Jane CLEMENTS, b. Abt. 1860.
                              ii. Emma CLEMENTS, b. Abt. 1860.
                              iii. Jim CLEMENTS, b. Abt. 1860.
                              iv. Allie CLEMENTS, b. Abt. 1860.
                              v. Margaret CLEMENTS, b. Abt. 1860.
                              vi. Cora CLEMENTS, b. Abt. 1860.
                              vii. ? CLEMENTS, b. Abt. 1860.
                              viii. "Boy" CLEMENTS, b. Abt. 1860; d. Abt. 1860. Family information indicates only a "Boy," probably meaning the child was a male stillborn.

Mary MILLER was born about 1840 and died Unknown. She married Henry CLEMENTS, the son of Josiah CLEMENTS and Mary Elizabeth MAY. He was the brother of her sister’s husband, John CLEMENTS, making him both her husband and her brother-in-law. Henry was born about 1832. His death date is unknown. Mary MILLER and Henry CLEMENTS lived in Brewton, Escambia County, Alabama. Henry served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War and may have served in the same unit with his brother, John CLEMENTS. Mary MILLER was buried in Brewton, AL.

                    Children of Mary MILLER and Henry CLEMENTS are:
                              i. John CLEMENTS, b. Abt. 1860; d. Unknown.
                              ii. Joe CLEMENTS, b. Abt. 1860; d. Unknown.
                              iii. Lillie CLEMENTS, b. Abt. 1860; d. Unknown.
                              iv. Billie CLEMENTS, b. Abt. 1860; d. Unknown.
                              v. Bob CLEMENTS, b. Abt. 1860; d. Unknown.
                              vi. Betty CLEMENTS, b. Abt. 1860; d. Unknown.

Thomas Richard MILLER was born 07 Apr 1843 in Brooklyn (Dixie), Conecuh County, AL, and died 23 May 1914 in Atlanta, GA. He married Mary Elizabeth FOSHEE on 15 Sep 1868 in Conecuh County, AL. Mary Elizabeth FOSHEE, the daughter of James Stewart FOSHEE and Cassaline Amanda CLEMENTS, was born 08 Oct 1851 in Mason, AL, and died 12 Jun 1888 in Brewton, AL. After Mary Elizabeth FOSHEE passed away in June of 1888, he married Alice Bell COLLINS on 08 Oct 1890 in Milton, FL. Alice Bell COLLINS, the daughter of William Spencer Houston COLLINS and Mary Lenora CLEMENTS, was born 05 May 1867 in Pine Level, Munson, Santa Rosa County, FL, and died 27 Nov 1941 in Brewton, AL.

            Thomas Richard MILLER, known as T.R. MILLER, was born in a community on the old Three Notch Road, 5 miles south of Dixie, in Conecuh County, AL, an area that is now part of Escambia County, Alabama. Thomas was the son of Robert MILLER and Cherry Ann FLOYD. T.R. served in the Confederate Army (CSA) as a PVT, entering into service in SEP 1861 at Milton, FL in Co. E, 15th Confederate Cavalry. He served until May, 1865, when he was paroled at Vicksburg, MS.

(((War Record from the War Department, Washington, D.C.)))

Private T. R. MILLER

            The records show that T.R. Miller, Private, Company K, The Georgia and Mississippi Regiment of Volunteers, also known as Company K, 36th (Villepique’s) Georgia Infantry, subsequently Company K, 1st Confederate Infantry, C.S.A., enlisted Sep 17, 1861 at Milton, FL for 12 months. The muster roll of Co. K, 1st Confederate Infantry for January and February 1862 shows him present. This Company was assigned to the 3rd Battalion Florida Cavalry about March 1862. The muster roll of Company C, 3rd Bn. Florida Cavalry for April 30 to August 31, 1863 shows him present. The Regt. Was consolidated with other Regiments and became the 15th Confederate Cavalry C.S.A..Co. C., becoming Co. E. 15th Confederate Cavalry, C.S.A. The 15th Confederate Cavalry, C.S.A. completed its organization about Sep 24, 1863. The muster roll for May and Jun 1864, last roll on file, shows him present.

            Union Prisoner of War Records show that he was captured in Escambia County, Florida, November 17, 1864; was received at Ship Island, MS., Dec 13, 1864 and was transferred to Vicksburgh, MS on May 1, 1865. A duplicate of the transfer roll (which is incomplete) bears the following indorsement: “Headquarters Exchange of Prisoners, Camp Townsend, May 6, 1865. Received on parole the prisoners described on this roll - - H.A.M. Henderson, Lt. Col. & asst. Com’r Exchange, C.S.A.” No later record has been found.

(((end of article)))

            When T.R. MILLER returned home after the war there was much desolation in all parts of the South. Although he was twenty-two years old and a grown young man, he went without shoes.

            He began getting out hewn timber as his first lumber experience. He would farm through the farming season and would then get out hewn timber after he had laid by his crops. He would raft his timber to Ferry Pass and Pensacola. Often he would walk back home to keep from having to spend any money for the return trip.

            In 1866, the dashing young T.R. MILLER, 23 years old, married Miss Mary Elizabeth FOSHEE. It had been a romance that was not championed by everyone - most especially, Mary Elizabeth's parents! T.R. and Mary Elizabeth compounded the problem by running off to get married. It took another member of the family... a sister of his new mother-in-law, in fact... to soothe the ruffled feathers and allow his final acceptance into the family.

            T.R. and Mary Elizabeth lived in Brewton, Alabama. As he was a very industrious and hard-working man, T.R. became quite successful.

            Mary Elizabeth was still quite young when she passed away. She was buried in Pilgrim’s Rest Cemetery in Alco, AL. Her headstone reads: "Miller, Mary E., wife of Thomas R. Miller, b. 8 Oct 1850; d. 12 Jun 1888". In the same area of the cemetery there is a grave for her daughter, Minnie Inez, and another unmarked grave that could be associated with her family.

             After the death of Mary Elizabeth, T.R. waited about 18 months and then married Alice Bell (Alabama) COLLINS, who had been a close friend of theirs. He was 48 and Alabama COLLINS was 22. The two of them continued living in his home in Brewton.

            Alice Bell (Alabama) COLLINS was born in Pine Level, Santa Rosa County, Florida, near the present town of Munson. Pine Level was a logging camp. There is some confusion over her name, some sources referring to her as “Alabama” and some as “Alice Bell.” Almost all sources agree she was called Alice.

            Soon after she was born, Alice's mother (Mary Lenora CLEMENTS-COLLINS) took Alice to visit with her grandmother (Mary Elizabeth MAY-CLEMENTS) who lived where the present day settlement of Dixie, AL is located. This was the first time Alice's mother had been home since Alice had been born.

            When Alice was just a baby her mother would put her on a straw pallet in the field as she worked on the farm. Alice and her siblings went to school about three months a year. The rest of the time they had to help on the family farm. As the oldest, Alice had to help with the milking of thirty cows each morning, even when attending school. Alice's father got together enough money to send Alice and her brother John to school in Birmingham, Alabama. Alice attended Massey Business College there.

            After graduating, Alice and her sister Betty taught school for $25.00 per month. While teaching, they remodeled the family home with their earnings. Alice taught school in the Jay community, better known as the Penton settlement. She also taught near McDavid, Florida. It was in McDavid she became friends with the McMillan, McDavid and McCaskill families.

            During the week when she taught, Alice boarded near her school. It wasn't expensive, but it was difficult. There were times when the places she boarded had only potatoes and black coffee for breakfast. On the weekends her brother Henry would come and get her. He would arrive on Friday evening, spend the night, and then take her home on Saturday. It was a 20 mile trip and it took nearly all day to get home.

            According to Henry Cody Collins, In those days young people would go to dances and the young men would sometimes drink a little whiskey and gamble. One of Alice's earliest sweethearts was John Allen, her brother "Babe's" brother-in-law. Of course, Alice's father wouldn't allow his girls to go out with boys very often.

            Alice did go once to visit with her cousin, Mary Elizabeth FOSHEE-MILLER and her husband Thomas Richard (T.R.) MILLER. They all became very good friends and Mary Elizabeth even asked Alice to stay and tutor their children. She did stay for one season, in 1888. This was the same year that Mary Elizabeth died.

            T.R. waited about 18 months before he proposed marriage to Alice. She, of course, accepted.

            T. R. MILLER had been a handsome, dashing youth of 23 when he had run off and married Mary Elizabeth FOSHEE. That had caused a problem with the Foshee family. As Alice's mother was the sister of Cassaline (Cassie) FOSHEE, his new mother-in-law, he was hoping Mary Lenora would come with him to help smooth things out.

            T.R. and his new bride were both on horseback. He had Mary Lenora ride with his wife and he took Alice in his arms on his mount. Little did Thomas Richard MILLER and Alice Bell COLLINS suspect that day twenty-two years earlier when T.R. had held little Alice in his arms on horseback it would be repeated now as man and wife!

            They planned to marry at 9am on October 8, 1890, but it stormed so badly they had to postpone it until 11am. Alice must have looked beautiful in her white taffeta dress!

            They were attended by Virgie CUSHMAN, Mary ROBINSON and Dell WILLIAMS of Brewton, and John Morgan SMITH, Alex McGOWIN and, of course, her brother John COLLINS, all of Milton.

            After the wedding they drove through the country to Brewton, stopping at Cold Water Creek for a picnic lunch.

            T.R. MILLER was a man of means and had made arrangements for a big wedding supper. Mr. Ed LOVELACE, Mr. Gid FRIERSON, and Mrs. Sallie Boykin FORBES had charge. The men bought elaborate refreshments in Mobile, and the supper was grand and costly, for those days.

(((Article copied from The Standard Gauge, Brewton, Ala, Oct 9, 1890)))

MILLER-COLLINS--- A Notable Wedding.

            Mr T. R. Miller of Brewton, one of Escambia's leading business men is married to Miss Alice Collins, an accomplished young lady, of Milton, Florida.
            The leading social event of this week was the grand reception given last night at the residence of Mr. T. R. Miller, in honor of his marriage to Miss Alice Collins.
            The wedding took place Wednesday morning at the home of the bride in Milton, in the presence of a few invited guests. The groom left in the company with Messrs. A. M. McGowin, Jr. and J. M. Smith, who acted as groomsmen. The party returned by carriage Wednesday evening, and repaired to the handsome residence of Mr. Miller. The reception took place at night.
            A large number of friends were present to wish the happy couple a long and happy life. Misses Virgie Cushman and Mary Robinson accompanied the bridal party to Brewton. The refreshments immediately after the marriage and before the couple left for home, were pronounced by one of the party simply grand.
            The bride is a charming and accomplished lady, and was attired in a beautiful evening costume. The groom is in the prime of middle life, and besides his beautiful bride was the picture of health, happiness, and manly vigor.
            The occasion was most pleasant to all present. An elaborate supper was served in recherche style, of which we cannot attempt even a description.
            The Brewton Orchestra was engaged to furnish music for the occasion and discoursed it most bewitchingly throughout the evening, to which many tripped the light fantastic toe to their hearts content.
            The crowd dispersed at a very late hour, with many kind wishes for the bride and groom in which the Gauge wishes to join.

((end of article))

Thomas Richard MILLER and Alice Bell (Alabama) COLLINS are buried together in Union Cemetery, Brewton, AL.

                    Children of Thomas Richard MILLER and Mary Elizabeth FOSHEE are:
                              i. James Edward MILLER, b. Abt. 1869.
                              ii. George MILLER, b. Abt. 1870.
                              iii. Lizzie MILLER, b. Abt. 1870.
                              iv. Margaret MILLER, b. Abt. 1870.
                              v. Mark MILLER, b. Abt. 1870.
                              vi. Thomas Jefferson MILLER, b. Abt. 1870.
                              vii. Henry MILLER, b. Oct 1881.
                              viii. Daisy MILLER, b. Mar 1884.
                              ix. Alice MILLER, b. May 1886.
                              x. Minnie Inez MILLER, b. 21 Apr 1888; d. 02 Aug 1889. Minnie Inez only lived for a year after birth. She was buried next to her mother in Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery, Alco, Alabama. Her tombstone reads: "MILLER, MINNIE INEZ YOUNGEST DAUGHTER OF T. R. AND MARY E. MILLER B. 21 APR 1888 D. 2 AUG 1889."

                    Children of Thomas Richard MILLER and Alice Bell (Alabama) COLLINS are:
                              xi. Iva Lee MILLER (Generation 3), b. 15 Jul 1891, Brewton, AL; d. 25 Jun 1965, Brewton, AL. (Generation 3)
                              xii. John Richard MILLER, b. Mar 1894; d. 1949, Brewton, AL. Burial: Union Cemetery, Brewton, AL
                              xiii. David Brent MILLER, b. 28 Aug 1904; d. 07 Dec 1969, Brewton, AL. Burial: Union Cemetery, Brewton, AL

Generation 3

Iva Lee MILLER was born 15 Jul 1891 in Brewton, AL, and died 25 Jun 1965 in Brewton, AL. She married Edward Leigh McMILLAN, the son of Edward L. McMILLAN and Katie LEIGH, on 20 Apr 1911. Edward Leigh McMILLAN was born 26 Sep 1888. Iva Lee MILLER was the first child of Thomas Richard MILLER's second marriage to Alice Bell (Alabama) COLLINS. She was a delicate baby, caused from measles when she was two or three months old, followed by a severe case of whooping cough. She did not walk until she was two years old, but finally developed into a robust child. She was always very active as a child, full of enthusiasm and curiosity. Iva Lee had a governess most of her life, but went to public school from time to time. She went away to school when she was sixteen years of age, attending Madame Lefebvre's School in Baltimore, Maryland. During her second year in school she went abroad. Iva Lee was only out of school a year when she married Edward Leigh McMILLAN. Upon her death Iva Lee MILLER was buried in Union Cemetery, Brewton, AL.

                    Child of Iva Lee MILLER and Edward McMILLAN is:
                              i. Thomas Edward McMILLAN, b. 10 Jul 1912, Brewton, AL.

Generation 4

Thomas Edward McMILLAN was born 10 Jul 1912 in Brewton, AL. He married Elvira COCHRANE on 11 Aug 1935. She was born about 1915.

                    Children of Thomas Edward McMILLAN and Elvira COCHRANE are:
                              i. Iva Leigh McMILLAN, b. 07 May 1937; d. 11 May 1937.
                              ii. Edward Leigh McMILLAN II, b. 08 Jul 1940.
                              iii. ? McMILLAN, b. 19 Nov 1941; d. 21 Nov 1941.
                              iv. Elvira McMILLAN, b. 01 Jun 1943.
                              v. Katherine Elizabeth McMILLAN, b. 21 Sep 1946.

Descendants of Robert MILLER. (Additional details can be found on the specific surname pages.)

1 Robert MILLER 1808 - 1894
..+Cherry Ann FLOYD 1818 - 1881
........2 Frances MILLER 1840 -
............+John CLEMENTS 1831 - Unknown: m. Abt. 1860 in Escambia County, AL
...................3 Mary Jane CLEMENTS 1860 -
...................3 Emma CLEMENTS 1860 -
...................3 Jim CLEMENTS 1860 -
...................3 Allie CLEMENTS 1860 -
...................3 Margaret CLEMENTS 1860 -
...................3 Cora CLEMENTS 1860 -
...................3 ? CLEMENTS 1860 -
...................3 "Boy" CLEMENTS 1860 - 1860
........2 Mary MILLER 1840 - Unknown
............+Henry CLEMENTS 1832 - Unknown
...................3 John CLEMENTS 1860 - Unknown
...................3 Joe CLEMENTS 1860 - Unknown
...................3 Lillie CLEMENTS 1860 - Unknown
...................3 Billie CLEMENTS 1860 - Unknown
...................3 Bob CLEMENTS 1860 - Unknown
...................3 Betty CLEMENTS 1860 - Unknown
........2 Thomas Richard MILLER 1843 - 1914
............+Mary Elizabeth FOSHEE 1851 - 1888 m: 15 Sep 1868 in Conecuh County, AL
...................3 James Edward MILLER 1869 -
...................3 George MILLER 1870 -
...................3 Lizzie MILLER 1870 -
...................3 Margaret MILLER 1870 -
...................3 Mark MILLER 1870 -
...................3 Thomas Jefferson MILLER 1870 -
...................3 Henry MILLER 1881 -
...................3 Daisy MILLER 1884 -
...................3 Alice MILLER 1886 -
...................3 Minnie Inez MILLER 1888 - 1889
........*2nd Wife of Thomas Richard MILLER:
............+Alice Bell COLLINS 1867 - 1941 m: 08 Oct 1890 in Milton, FL
...................3 Iva Lee MILLER 1891 - 1965
.......................+Edward Leigh McMILLAN 1888 - m: 20 Apr 1911
.............................4 Thomas Edward McMILLAN 1912 -
.................................+Elvira COCHRANE 1915 - m: 11 Aug 1935
........................................5 Iva Leigh McMILLAN 1937 - 1937
........................................5 Edward Leigh McMILLAN II 1940 -
........................................5 ? McMILLAN 1941 - 1941
........................................5 Elvira McMILLAN 1943 -
........................................5 Katherine Elizabeth McMILLAN 1946 -
...................3 John Richard MILLER 1894 - 1949
...................3 David Brent MILLER 1904 - 1969