Patriarch : Edward L. McMILLAN and descendents

Generation 1

Edward L. McMILLAN was born about 1865, and died Unknown. He married Katie LEIGH on 19 Oct 1887 in Escambia County, AL. Katie LEIGH was born about 1867 and died Unknown.

                    Children of Edward L. McMILLAN and Katie LEIGH are:
                              i. Edward Leigh McMILLAN, b. 26 Sep 1888.
                              ii. Malcolm McMILLAN, b. Abt. 1892.

Generation 2

Edward Leigh McMILLAN was born 26 Sep 1888. He married Iva Lee MILLER on 20 Apr 1911. Iva Lee MILLER, the daughter of Thomas Richard MILLER and Alice (Alabama) Bell COLLINS, was born 15 Jul 1891 in Brewton, AL, and died 25 Jun 1965 in Brewton, AL.  Iva Lee MILLER was the first child of Thomas Richard MILLER's second marriage to Alice Bell (Alabama) COLLINS. She was a delicate baby, her delicacy caused from measles when she was two or three months old, followed by a severe case of whooping cough. She did not walk until she was two years old, but finally developed into a robust child. She was always very active, full of enthusiasm and curiosity. Iva Lee had a governess most of her life, but went to public school from time to time. At the age of sixteen she went away to school ,  attending Madame Lefebvre's School in Baltimore, Maryland. She went abroad during her second year in school. Iva Lee Miller was only out of school about a year when she married Edward Leigh McMILLAN of Brewton, Alabama. Her son, Thomas McMILLAN, was born July 10, 1912. Iva Lee MILLER was buried in Union Cemetery, Brewton, AL.

                    Child of Edward Leigh McMILLAN and Iva MILLER is:
                              i.Thomas Edward McMILLAN, b. 10 Jul 1912, Brewton, AL.

Malcolm McMILLAN was born about 1892. No other information known.

Generation 3

Thomas Edward McMILLAN was born 10 Jul 1912 in Brewton, AL. He married Elvira COCHRANE on 11 Aug 1935. Elvira COCHRANE was born Abt. 1915.

                    Children of Thomas Edward McMILLAN and Elvira COCHRANE are:
                              i. Iva Leigh McMILLAN, b. 07 May 1937; d. 11 May 1937.
                              ii. Edward Leigh McMILLAN II, b. 08 Jul 1940.
                              iii. ? McMILLAN, b. 19 Nov 1941; d. 21 Nov 1941. Died two days after birth; no given name known.
                              iv. Elvira MCMILLAN, b. 01 Jun 1943.
                              v. Katherine Elizabeth McMILLAN, b. 21 Sep 1946.