Ron Eddins' Family Tree

          I was in my early fifties before I became interested in my family roots. Mom began the project and got me involved. Every time I visited she would pull out all the notes, letters of correspondence and copies of birth certificates and census reports she had accumulated since my last visit. I was amazed at what she had discovered, but I was frustrated, as well. Family research always left me with the feeling that I was right on the brink of a major discovery but just couldn't quite put it all together.
          In 1996 I got a computer and one of the first things I did was to buy the Family Tree Maker program. This was a fantastic addition to my family research, as it allowed the manipulation of facts in many different ways. Ultimately I put my family tree online into the World Family Tree.
          Over the years  I have worked off and on with my research, and as my data files increased I began to realize that the family history I was discovering didn't belong exclusively to me, but to everyone. That led me to create this web site to share what I have stumbled upon with extended family!
          Here I have compiled the stories of my family, passed on to me by relatives of both the recent...and not so recent past, and I have tried to organize them into some semblance of order. These stories, along with what supporting documentation I have been able to find, tells my story. By clicking on the link below you can discover all  that there is to know about my family. Hopefully you will find something interesting about yours as well, and perhaps... just perhaps... I may provide the one missing gem needed to unlock your own past.
          My story is a long one, for it has taken several hundred years in the making!. Lets take it one step at a time. Lets start in the beginning!




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